We put the law on your side

Eric Brehm & Associates is a leading Criminal Defense and Family Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio.


At Brehm & Associates, we’ve earned a reputation for aggressively defending those faced with DUI/OVI, drug offenses, domestic violence, and other criminal charges in Ohio. We have a proven track record of protecting our clients’ rights in Family Court, too.


If you are facing a criminal complaint or other charge, there’s a lot on the line. Losing could result in fines, jail or prison time and a record that follows you into the future. Don’t take that risk. Choose a legal defense team that will put the law to work for you.


We’ve earned a reputation for delivering the best possible outcomes in both Criminal Defense and Family Law cases. The majority of our clients are professionals and businesses that have been referred to us by other attorneys, clients, and even police officers that trust us to deliver results.

Every case is different, so we can’t promise that criminal charges will be reduced or dismissed. We can provide the aggressive legal defense you need to protect your family, your career, your reputation and your future.

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